Our Brands #1 - Lecler

Welcome to our new blog series Our Brands where we will introduce you to our brands in more detail. Our first blog is about Lecler’s sheet masks. A new brand making waves, made by women for women. We came across Lecler some time ago and their masks instantly convinced us, our girlfriends, sisters and mums! But enough from us, let’s hear it from the brand.



Lecler is a unique approach to the way face masks treat the skin, resulting in the most optimised usage of a formulation that its unique silky fabric is saturated in. Expertly crafted, Lecler masks were developed combining effective ingredients for a convenient application that will complete any skincare routine.

Lecler enables women to retain a smoother and firmer healthy-looking skin after use of its treatments, making them ideal for those who are looking to see a transformation in how skin appears; with visibly reduced fine lines, improved radiance and skin that is healthy.

Developed through years of research in working with hyaluronic acid, carefully selected advanced peptides, antioxidants and a unique silk protein, Lecler has engineered a formula which instantly boosts hydration for beautiful healthy skin that is radiant from within.


‘Suffuse, Contour and Immerse’ is how the face masks uniquely breathe new life into the skin. Suffusing deep below the outer layers of the skin, contouring close to become a second skin so that every millimetre of the face is immersed in the deeply nourishing formula.  A delicate combination of thin cotton fabric and silk make up the fabric of each face mask to ensure there is added degree of comfort and ease of wear, while it gives a cocooning effect to the skin. Designed for easy movement Lecler 20-min hydrating application lets you get on with the rest of your day while you let your skin absorb all the goodness of its active ingredient-rich serum.


After a year in development Lecler face masks have been infused with a new generation of hyaluronic acid complex; made of large hyaluron molecules (Sodium Hyaluronate) they not only hydrate the outer layer of skin but contain up to 100 times smaller hyaluron particles (Hyalo-Oligo), which penetrate deep into the skin providing optimised hydration. The hyaluronic acid complex is supplemented with advanced peptides and antioxidants, that help stimulate the skin’s natural collagen production whilst protecting skin from free radicals.

Whether used as part of a pampering treatment or on the go, Lecler face masks easily fit into any routine and are available in individual sachets for added convenience.


For optimum results, Lecler face masks should be applied up to twice a week continuously for eight weeks. Once the sheet is removed it is highly recommended to massage the remaining serum into the skin to increase absorption even more. The sachet is filled with extra serum to ensure too often forgotten décolleté could be pampered with restoring serum as well.

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